Jean Twenge giving a presentation  
government talks

Non-profit and public service organizations encounter generational issues every day. Non-profit organizations work with both youth and with young workers. As the largest recruiter of young people, the military is on the front lines of generational shifts. At government agencies, large numbers of young people are entering public sector jobs as many from the Boomer generation retire. But what is this new generation really like? To most effectively recruit and retain Millennials/GenY and iGen, government agencies and military leaders need the most accurate and evidence-based information possible.

Dr. Twenge’s standard presentation is an hour-long briefing on generational differences and their applications, with 20-30 minutes for questions and discussion. Briefs on specific issues are also offered.

Dr. Twenge has presented her research to the Army, the Marines, the Coast Guard, the medical branch of the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Department of Energy, the Home for Little Wanderers in Boston, the San Diego State social work internship program, the Illinois State Police, the Association of Government Accountants, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers.